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ChoicePoints is a training and education organization that offers individual & group coaching, workshops, and teleconferences to leaders in all walks of life.

Our purpose is to create an environment of mutual support within which anyone can become more powerful and more creative in their lives.

We help you create the whole, balanced and purposeful life you envision for yourself, your family and your community. Our programs are designed to show you new choices and possibilities for creating your life while offering a community of support that helps you take action in your world.

Elisabeth von Clemm

Elisabeth von Clemm


Elisabeth is the founder of Von Clemm Leadership Solutions, Right Fit Hiring and ChoicePoints Life Design Coaching. Elisabeth's experience combines a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, 20 years of running her own leadership and organizational consulting business, and 15 years of coaching CEO’s, executive managers and other leadership coaches. Elisabeth is the author of "Managing Change Into The 21st Century", is certified in the use of numerous personality assessment tools, including the Enneagram, has led coaching circles across the Southeast, and has written and taught over 25 workshops in the areas of change, communication, conflict resolution, innovation and strategic life choices.

Elisabeth's work is grounded, practical and real-life, and aims to help people generate solutions and next steps in all areas of their life. As both a consultant and a business owner, Elisabeth understands the world of work and career; at the same time, Elisabeth's intuition and use of non-traditional tools and disciplines allows her to see the bigger picture of each client's unique life path. Most importantly, Elisabeth is an ardent student of life with a mission to share that knowledge with people as they stand at the crossroads of change.

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" In our world full of uncertainty and a life filled with challenges, Elisabeth offers focus using her intuition to cut through the fog and a clear knowledge of the tools necessary to help you find your true path. She guides you through the process of finding 'your best self', enabling you to accomplish your goals with purpose rather than just going through life in a hit or miss fashion. There is no doubt in my mind that through my work with Elisabeth, I have a better grasp on the choices I need to make to accomplish my goals in my personal, as well as my professional life."

ChoicePoints Life Design Coaching is a training and education organization that offers individual & group coaching, workshops, and teleconferences to people in all walks of life.